Marijuana contains a substance that stimulates sexual appetite

Most biomedical literature states that cannabinoids and endocannabinoids have inhibitory effects on sexual behavior, but new discoveries come to throw this land.

Marijuana contains a substance that stimulates sexual appetite, but also regulates vital processes like sleep, hunger and pain relief.

“Most biomedical literature states that cannabinoids and endocannabinoids have inhibitory effects on sexual behavior (dimmed), but we found the opposite effect, the difference is in the dose,” said the researcher.

Anandamide is naturally produced from lipids (fatty substances) in the cell membrane. In the nervous system they have been discovered specific receptors for it, which are the same as those that external cannabinoids bind marijuana.

It is classified as endocannabinoid or internal cannabinoid, because their properties and effects are similar to those of compounds such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana.

The finding could serve as an argument in favor of upward movement for this drug decriminalize therapeutic purposes, after US gains ground in order of prohibition.

At low doses, endocannabinoids compounds stimulate sexual behavior, but in high doses inhibit, the scientists said.

“By using marijuana for medical purposes have to be careful with the doses used to not exceed stimulants to the inhibitory effects, because one of the side effects that may occur (on consumers) would be sexual dysfunction,” he warned the expert.

The researcher said he has experienced in other studies with male rodents do not copulate, but resumed their sexual activity after administering an injection of anandamide.

The findings are derived from experiments on laboratory rats, but the researcher considers that some data could be applied in the study of sexual response in humans.

A curious fact is that anandamide may also be found in products like chocolate and could be considered an “aphrodisiac in power”, but only on a very precise definition of the term and in low doses. “For a long time it was considered that a compound aphrodisiac was awakened sexual arousal. Now the concept is broader because it also considers that a substance that promotes the sexual responses of erection or ejaculation, whose dysfunction has nothing to do with sexual desire, “said the academic.

According to their findings, all those substances that facilitate sexual response could be classified as an aphrodisiac. “If I anandamide at low doses promotes sexual behavior, could be considered an aphrodisiac in power at that dose range,” he explained.