Marijuana detoxification

Some believe that smoking marijuana is a harmless recreational activity (albeit illegal). But regular or overuse can affect performance at work and social relations when the consumer becomes dependent.

The person who decides to stop using this substance may notice that cannabis dependence cause withdrawal symptoms, such as other drugs. The body needs regular doses of marijuana when they stop receiving it, and enters the detoxification process. For consumers long time, through the detoxification period can be cumbersome and difficult.


The withdrawal effects of marijuana are not as serious as those associated with harder drugs, including alcohol. But detoxification should be monitored and treated to prevent future addictions. Withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, restlessness, irritability, headache, anxiety, stomach pain and loss of appetite. These symptoms were evident in studies conducted at the Columbia University in New York and published in the journal Psychopharmacology in February 1999. The researchers suggested that withdrawal symptoms may be the reason that consumers continue using marijuana or return to before the detoxification process is completed.


The heavy marijuana users have shown aggressive behavior more often than infrequent consumers three to five days after starting the withdrawal, according to a study by McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School in Belmont, Massachusetts. His behavior returned to normal when they were examined 28 days later, this was reported in Psychopharmacology in April 1999.


Medication may be indicated during detoxification to relieve anxiety and restlessness, and to relax. Therapy with vitamins and minerals can be used to stimulate the immune system and replenish deficiencies caused by the drug. It is advisable to drink plenty of water to help dilute the toxins.

Permanence in the system

Marijuana is more likely that other drugs stay in your system for weeks and even months. For this reason, many consumers are concerned about their drug tests. This can be a big problem for people when they report that will be analyzed for drugs before entering a new job. It is a good idea for them to seek help and medical advice during the detoxification period.


Many products claim to produce quick and useful results detoxification in a bottle after a drug test. They may contain vitamins, minerals and herbal cleaners. But the instructions usually explain that you need to drink a lot of water with the product a few hours before the urine test. However, some experts say that water alone masks the ingredients of marijuana in urine.