Marijuana: Five pluses scientifically supported

Approve or prohibit the use of marijuana should be one of the most controversial discussions in the Western world. Cannabis smokers claim that smoking is much more harmful, it is a myth that marijuana leads to hard drug addiction and that the traffic problem would be solved by legalizing the plant so that everyone can grow if desired.

Here are 5 points we discussed, some conducted by various universities and institutions that support some positive effects of marijuana:

  1. The marijuana smoke is less harmful than cigarette: Many disagree and even say they smoke a spliff is more toxic than the snuff, but the truth is that a marijuana smoker, could hardly smoking on par with a person who consumes two packs a day. Forty days is not a feat that many do. But if I must say that cannabis users tend to hold the smoke longer in the lungs.

According to a study by the University of California, San Francisco, USA, marijuana smokers have lung and respiratory functions much less damaged than ordinary consumers of snuff. Yale University conducted research in 2007 that showed that smoking marijuana has no relation, for example, with the development of pulmonary emphysema.

  1. Smoking cannabis does not exacerbate mental problems, the contrary: Violent episodes of people, or criminal behavior often associated with alcohol or drugs. But marijuana is rarely a trigger for these behaviors. It is very unlikely that a murderer or rapist has these baser instincts by smoking a joint. However, cocaine or a bottle of whiskey can stimulate more strongly mental problems or schizophrenia of a subject. This does not mean that a normal person go crazy just by consuming these substances.

The negative effects of marijuana on men and women with mental problems were discarded by scientists. Experts from these houses of study also noted that marijuana can soothe or relax some mental disorders.

  1. Legalizing marijuana could lower suicide rates: A study from the University of San Diego and Montana State University, US, found that in the process of legalization of marijuana suicide rates among Americans between 20 and 39 years of age dropped considerably.
  2. Car crashes the star mostly people who consumed alcohol or other drugs, and in a small percentage who smoked marijuana: According to research, the link marijuana and traffic accidents is almost nonexistent. Professionals exemplified, based on the statistics, the odds of having a car accident for consumption of marijuana were 1.06, against a 2.96 cocaine and 4.46 amphetamines.
  3. The cannabis has medicinal properties: It is no secret that thousands of people use marijuana to reduce their physical ailments. This natural pain reliever is much older than those who sell traditional pharmacies. Relieving sclerosis, arthritis and muscle contractions are the many specialties of marijuana.

It should be noted that there are many studies showing the negative effects of marijuana, but others also talk about the negatives, just googled can read before consuming or even before criticizing cannabis smokers.