Marijuana for asthma


Although we are quite aware today about the bad habit of smoking, which can cause us serious illness and long-term consequences in terms of our lungs and affect other organs, marijuana stays out of most of the conclusions removed from snuff, and some studies have shown that it is a powerful asset to combat pulmonary system related diseases.

Although probably under pressure from governments and some lobbyists with interest, most of these studies concluded and no relevant findings, certain laboratory tests have shown that patients with respiratory problems that are given marijuana respond better than the who they are treated with other substances. In fact, cannabis has an innate component that causes the expansion of the bronchi, which can reduce discomfort for asthma and especially increase lung capacity of the patient.

Therapeutic Cannabis

Associations towards the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes are clear that marijuana has many options for the treatment of diseases, and tests they perform in their own clubs in which the consumption of this plant is allowed despite be prohibited in most countries considered an illegal – drug, improvements are evident.

Probably the less striking result that smoking marijuana can be a positive way to the lungs. However, keep in mind that, unlike snuff, cannabis is a natural plant that it is not processed for consumption.

Finally, it should be noted that the few studies that have seen the light and have given approval to the use of cannabis in the treatment of asthma and other diseases such as COPD, have concluded that only works on one plant consumption. If mixed with snuff whole effects are lost, and also suffer serious respiratory consequences.