Marijuana is a drug. Good or bad? Part 3

Methodological rigor, the authors of such studies have concluded that marijuana acts as a relatively effective drug, but more research is needed to establish its long-term safety. Moreover, in an advanced stage other research suggesting the potential use of cannabis in treating glaucoma, epilepsy and diabetes mellitus.

5 possible efficacies in treating intractable hiccups and Alzheimer’s disease is also investigated, among other. All this should not be surprising, since it has been shown that there is practically cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. Activation or inhibition can have multiple effects. Surely in the next few years will accurately do its true scope within the therapeutic. It needs further investigation.

In the interpretation of the studies that have been published it should be noted that the chemical composition of cannabis sativa is very complex because it contains more than 460 metabolites, including 60 cannabinoids, of which the delta-9 is the most abundant. Some chemicals plant are similar to delta-9 effects, while others have different and even antagonistic effects; while others lack psychoactive effects, but have properties of different nature. Therefore, it is wrong to attribute only the delta-9 all the effects of marijuana.

An important aspect worth noting is that the components of cannabis are absorbed well by various routes (oral, mucosa, skin), and pharmaceutical formulations already available in other countries include both capsules and drops, eye drops and ointments, which facilitates clinical use with precise doses purposes.

For all the above and in front of the available evidence, we can conclude that marijuana or cannabis sativa rider, it meets in principle pharmacological criteria of a drug. If the results of scientifically controlled clinical studies continue in the same direction, marijuana (be more appropriate to say cannabis) will increase from Level I to Level II, which has two meanings: on the one hand, this is a product whose potential for abuse is real; but, on the other, which also has formally accepted medical uses and may be at the same level of other drugs such as morphine, methadone, fentanyl, and so on.