Conditions that are alleviated by marijuana – Part 2


  • CBD extract can reduce seizures in children with epilepsy

For a couple of years ago we come to know the experiences of children with epilepsy and with the help of oil rich in CBD cannabis, notice great improvements. For Charlotte Figi it is best known, because it has helped to change medical marijuana laws in the United States. But it is not the only data show that cannabidiol could become an important tool for treating different types of epilepsy option.

In fact, he is about to jump into the market Epidiolex a marijuana extract produced by the pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals (the same which markets Sativex) and containing cannabidiol. According to tests after 3 months from the first taking this drug, the overall frequency of seizures is reduced, on average, 45% in all participants. Another 47% experienced a reduction of 50% or more in such crises and almost 10% remained free of seizures. The Dravet syndrome who had managed to reduce their seizures by 62%; of them, 13% was free. Likewise, those who suffered from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome reduced them by 71%. Only 10% of those who participated in the study noted adverse effects such as drowsiness, fatigue and diarrhea or had to discontinue treatment.



Thanks to this kind of evidence, the American Academy of Pediatrics United States has taken a big step to accept medical marijuana as a medical alternative for treating children. The institution supports every medical record is reviewed and is an optional decide whether the patient really needs cannabis to improve their health.

Children with epilepsy, for example, suffer hundreds of daily seizures (even more than 200 or 300 in pathologies such as Dravet Syndrome) that prevent them from being normal children, smile, talk, eat and move. For many of these children, cannabis is practically their only hope.


  • The medicinal cannabis can reduce opiate addiction

USA currently suffering an epidemic of addiction to painkillers, mostly opiate-based, a very effective substance, but at the same time very addictive. Sales have quadrupled in recent years and 2 million Americans are now addicted to these prescription drugs, while 16,000 people die each year from overdoses.

Numerous investigations assure that medical cannabis is an effective and safe analgesic that helps those dependent on opiates that “detoxify”, as shown in this study led by Columbia University. Cannabis has a higher safety profile against most pain medications on the market; and side effects associated with their use are typically mild (headache, drowsiness and dry mouth). Opioid drugs have many more health risks and unpleasant side effects.



At a time when this addiction is wreaking havoc in our society we have to find a practical solution to manage pain. The “good news” is that states where medical marijuana is legal have significantly lower rates of addiction to these drugs and overdose deaths have fallen by an average of 25%. In Switzerland, it is the state which distributes small dose of cannabis to treat their citizens hooked on heroin. And in Portugal, the number of overdoses has declined markedly since the decriminalization of drugs in 2001.