Conditions that are alleviated by marijuana – Part 1


Every day scientific research indicating that cannabis can help treat various health problems arise efficiently. The natural interaction of this plant with our endocannabinoid system makes often, can complement and in some cases, replace traditional medicines, besides serving as reinforcement therapies to provide a better quality of life for patients.

Scientific evidence has also led many countries raised their prohibitionist policies on cannabis, putting on the table the medical, social and economic benefits it could bring to its citizens. To realize its true dimension, these are just ten examples of diseases that, according to studies, are favored by marijuana use:

  • The cannabis can activate the self-destruction of cancer cells

Possibly it is one of the greatest advances in the social impact of this disease. There are many scientists who are currently studying the ability of cannabis as therapy against cancer, but one of the pioneers is a team, who spent ten years using cannabinoids to deal with certain types of tumors. Led by Professor Guillermo Velasco, focus their efforts on analyzing the usefulness of these organic compounds.

And they have found that cannabinoids have an “anti – tumor” effect that acts in three ways: On the one hand, induce death of tumor cells because they operate on activating your metabolism aggressively. Furthermore, prevent blood vessels which enable sending nutrients between cancer cells and thus prevent the tumor becomes larger generated. And thirdly, decrease the ability of tumor cells to move and invade other tissues, thus blocking the process of metastasis.



The most important thing is that the US authorities have already given credibility to this type of study. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) ensures that marijuana has the ability to kill cancer cells; and a few months ago the website of the National Cancer Institute of the United States was updated to indicate that cannabinoids help kill cancer killing damaged cells in the body while protecting healthy. This change in the official information is a breakthrough, almost quite an achievement, for those who have been fighting so long for recognition, in a visible way, the benefits of cannabis against cancer.


  • The cannabis can help treat Alzheimer’s disease

Again are the pioneer’s professionals in this field. The researcher demonstrated that cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties, so they can reduce the process that causes swelling and protect neurons (when a person has Alzheimer’s, your brain swells, suffers “neuroinflammation”).

But beyond its neuroprotective property, use cannabinoids in the treatment of incipient Alzheimer’s disease can help alleviate other problems that often occur. Has, for example, vascular properties as vasodilators are compounds; and help reduce hypertension and cardiovascular disorders often suffering patients.



The latest research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease   (US) even suggest that THC can reduce levels of a protein linked to symptoms and could stop their advance. However, so far only been tested in rats and mice. It does not work with humans.

To be human experience, should be involved clinical neurologists and so far they have not. And there’s a bigger problem: drug companies do not seem very interested. A big mistake given the health and social problem of a disease such as Alzheimer’s, where very little is reversed compared to, for example, cancer research.