Marijuana helps reduce cancer tumors

According to research conducted by researchers at University of East Anglia in England, marijuana can be a compound capable of stopping the growth of cancer tumors.

The research was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and reveals that THC (tetra hidrocarbo cannabinol), the main compound cannabis generates shrinkage of tumors with cancer.

According to Dr. Peter McCormick, this compound is known to act in a specific family of receptor cells, however, is still unknown how the THC that is responsible to have these effects in tumors.

The discoveries were made by injecting mice using THC two breast cancer cells. the effect of the substance is explained, however, is not known how it works in cells, so they know is far from knowing the precise effects.

On the other hand, it is necessary to study the dose to be applied, for an appropriate and effective reduction of the tumor in question. In addition, the substance did not work similarly in other tumors.

This is not the first time scientists discovered that marijuana is an effective substance to fight cancer. In previous research, they found that THC can halve a lung tumor, and also stop it spreading to other parts.

It has been revealed that the CBD (cannabidiol), another compound cannabis is a promising substance in the fight against cancer, since some studies failed to stop metastasis in many types of aggressive cancer.

Marijuana for medicinal uses is still under discussion around the world, especially in America, where the company pushes its legalization for therapeutic purposes. Remains to be seen, the way research can carve for its use is not punishable by law.